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Welcome to my first wiki ever! ^_^ Here you can put any of your favorite shows, movies ,books,games, and music on here. And if you like you can post Japanese anime on here aswell to. If you require help or need to see the rules of this wiki, just cilck on the "help" button or simply read the rules at the bottom of this screen.

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Your topic can be based on anything as long as everyone and myself understand it. But it has to be safe, or in other words NO bad stuff! And you guys know what I'm talking about. -_-

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Photos and videos are a great way to see your true self.To find videos about your topic by going to the Wikia's Video Library and for Photos go to the Wikia's Photo Library.

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to see the casting videos go to the Voting page

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Please follow the rules of this wiki, in that way you will not get banned and everyone will be getting along with each other well. ^_^ If you fell you need help, don't be shy to ask me on my message wall in this wiki or in community central. Cilck here for the Rules list or for the Help list